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A Tower Moment

In early 2020 I found myself facing what those familiar with tarot would call, a 'Tower' moment.  At the time I was on a fast track to rock bottom and essentially was about to go into what I will forever refer to as "My Dark Night of the Soul" .  It's not all doom and gloom though, because even though I didn't realise it back then, this was the period of time where I was going to transform and my whole world was going to change for the better!  Now I'm through to the other side,  I can hand on heart tell you that I would go through it all again,  because it has led me to where I am now.  I am living a completely different life, now in full-technicolour and in the way I had always dreamed about (but at the time never imagined could possibly come true) A huge part of this journey involves discovering the tarot and finding out that I have a natural gift when it comes to intuitively reading the cards.

Discovering The Tarot

During that early part of 2020,  I was feeling so lost and alone that I decided that I needed to find a way to connect into something or someone who might be able to give me some sort of guidance,  or hope as it were!  I had often thought about going to see a Clairvoyant but I'd always been a little scared to,  however all of a sudden,  it was all I could think about doing!  I organised to visit a lovely lady who I went to see with a mix of excitement and nerves.  I needn't have been nervous,  the experience completely changed my perspective...on everything!  I was quite literally high on life for a few days afterwards!  Anyway, that is a whole different story! Back to the tarot.... During the session,  the clairvoyant had got out a deck of beautiful cards,  I'd seen the traditional tarot cards (which I later discovered were the Rider-Waite) before but I had never known that there were others.  I was so attracted to the artwork on them as she turned each one and told me what it meant.  After that visit, I was completely hooked!  I watched every YouTube video I could find of tarot readers in action and started following a lot of readers on Instagram.  I decided I would buy my own deck shortly after that: The Wild Unknown Tarot.   It wasn't long after that before I had quite a collection, in fact by the June of 2020,  I owned 3 tarot decks and 6 oracle decks!  I even began designing my own oracle deck (see this blog post for more on that)

My Readings

I realised quite quickly that I had a gift for reading the cards.  I started by giving free readings to friends and family and then I joined Biddy Tarot which allowed me to learn even more and give free readings to the public as part of my learning.  I kept getting really good reviews and feedback and so my confidence started to grow.  At the time I had started an Instagram account dedicated to sharing a daily affirmation doodle drawn by me.  I soon realised that I could add in a tarot reading and compliment it with a fitting affirmation.  I started to do collective readings and they were really resonating with people.  Eventually I decided to be brave and start to offer my readings as a service, I haven't looked back!

I offer a variety of different readings now.  With all my readings,  I connect to the energy of your higher-self and so the readings are a wonderful way to gain clarity and guidance.  I wanted to be able to connect my artwork to my readings and so one of the reading types I offer is an In-Depth reading using a number of decks and oracle cards.  While I read and interpret the cards, I get an image in my mind that compliments the reading and so I bring this to life as a unique piece of digital art.  The In-Depth Readings take me quite a number of hours from start to finish but I absolutely love getting lost in them and especially being able to create a piece of artwork that is unique to the client too.  If an In-Depth reading isn't something that you resonate with,  I do offer other types of reading,  so there is something for everyone.  These are the readings I offer (at the time of writing, February 2023) :

How to Book

If you are intrigued and would like to have a tarot reading,  you do not have to be physically or virtually present when I do the reading.  To receive one of my readings you simply order one by emailing me and I complete the reading within 7 working days. The readings are presented as a beautiful pdf document,  with photos of the cards,  that you can keep ( and print out if you so wish) and all of my readings include journal prompts which are specific to the message coming through.

Channelled Artwork

If you decide you would like one of my In-Depth Readings with artwork then you will also receive a digital piece of art that is exclusive to you and your reading. These pieces of art will never be made into prints to sell, they are exclusive and unique to each of my clients. They are perfect to print out for your journal, or to frame and put up on your wall. Here is an example of one:

If you would like to order a reading,  or just find out a little more, please do get in touch!

Tarot and Oracle Decks featured in the photos:

The Wild Unknown Tarot

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

Radiant Ryder Waite Tarot

The F**kery of Fortunes by Ashley Snow (no longer available)

Moonology Oracle Cards

Etheral Visions Illuminated Tarot 

Rebel Deck

Oracle Messenger Cards by Heidi Messenger

The Truth Deck

Soul Connections Journey

The Earthside Divine Tarot by Ashely Snow (no longer availablele

The Kuan Yin Transmission: Healing Guidance From Our Universal Mother

The Angel Guide Oracle 


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