My First Published Oracle Deck: The Barley Moon Mandala Oracle

Setting the Intention

In 2020, when I first discovered tarot and oracle cards, I set an intention of creating my own oracle decks. I designed a deck, hand drawing each card and although that deck still sits in draft form, I will publish it one day when the time is right. You can read all about that deck here.

oracle card designs by The Barley Moon Ireland
oracle card designs by The Barley Moon

For a long time I was fixated on the idea that this deck should be my first published oracle deck, however that fixation held me back from creating other ideas. In April of this year, I decided enough was enough, I set an intention that I would create and publish a deck before the summer and this time I would make it happen! I had accepted that it did not have to be the original deck and all of a sudden my creative ideas began to flow again.


Mesmerising Mandalas

When I set the intention of publishing an oracle deck, I was in the process of learning new techniques on my iPad drawing app, Procreate.  One technique that really got me excited was being able to use a symmetry feature that allowed me to create beautiful mandalas. I find drawing mandalas very relaxing, it is like meditation while I draw, I can simply switch off and get lost in creating the intricate design.  The process is quite simple, I begin by marking out circles and then I turn on a drawing guide which allows me to draw my design in one section and see it replicate in another section. You can see how this works in the time-lapse video below:



Once I had created the mandala design I decided to play around with colours. I chose colours to connect with the different chakras and that sparked the idea for The Barley Moon Mandala Oracle. The oracle deck is positive affirmations with the mandala design featured as the background. The colour of the mandala is suited to the chakra the affirmation connects with. For example, affirmations relating to speaking your truth are coloured blue aligning to the throat chakra.




Creating and Publishing

In June I came across an amazing resource by The Modern Mystic which meant I could use a Canva template created by them to produce cards.  Once I had created my oracle cards in Canva it was time to upload them and finally publish them.

To publish my deck I decided to use two different platforms, so that my cards would be available in both virtual and physical form. To publish them virtually, I have uploaded them to a fantastic new app called Deckible, this app allows you to carry your whole tarot and oracle collection around with you in your pocket. I uploaded my deck to the platform, it was so exciting to get approval and see my deck available for download. You can find it here.

The next step was to make the deck available in physical form. The Modern Mystic team recommended a custom playing cards printing design company called Make Playing Cards. I have set up a shop with them and you can purchase my deck here.

It's so exciting to see my idea come to life and to have brought my intention into reality. I'm already working on designs for more decks so watch this space.


The Barley Moon Mandala Oracle

Downloadable Deck

The Barley Moon Mandala Oracle

Physical Deck
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