An Enchanting Imbolc

Embracing Renewal: A Magical Imbolc Day Retreat at Hotwell House Barn

On Saturday, February 3rd, Hotwell House Barn in Enfield, Co. Meath, became a haven for a group of amazing women ready to embrace the energies of Imbolc. Guided by the rhythmic dance of nature and the wisdom of the Celtic Goddess Brigid. The day unfolded in a symphony of healing, creativity, and connection, leaving all participants bathed in the gentle glow of newfound inspiration.

Morning Bliss: Goddess St Brigid Workshop

Our day commenced with a Goddess St Brigid Workshop. Joanne skillfully led attendees through the captivating tapestry of Brigid's story, seamlessly weaving together her roles as a pagan goddess and a Catholic Saint. The workshop delved into the healing energy that Brigid brings, setting the tone for a transformative day. A collective healing meditation ensued, with each participant receiving a personal attunement to the radiant energy of Brigid. I personally had a very profound experience. I saw Brigid in my minds-eye as the beautiful and radiant maiden, fire and passion burning brightly in her eyes. I kept hearing the words "fire in your belly" which feels very appropriate for me at this time, especially as I have only recently launched my Mindful Doodling Workshops and I am experiencing a drive and passion in my work that certainly feels like a fire burning brightly.

The Deck used here is The Brigid Oracle Deck by Moon Mna

Mindful Doodling Magic

Following a serene tea break with delicious food curated by Gra for the Graze  ,the day continued with a Mindful Doodling Workshop led by myself.  I took everyone on a journey into the world of presence and focus, using doodling as a gateway to calm the nervous system and nurture creativity. Accompanied by a specially crafted Imbolc workbook, attendees immersed themselves in the therapeutic act of doodling, drawing, and coloring. The room buzzed with creative energy, a perfect harmony with the spirit of Brigid and Imbolc.

Harmonic Healing: Soothing Sound Bath

A sumptuous lunch break saw individual lunch boxes from Grá for the Graze, providing nourishment for the body. The enchantment then continued with a Soothing Sound Bath by Joanne. We lay back, cocooned in the ethereal sounds of symphonic gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, ocean drums, rainmakers, chimes, and shamanic drums. The deep cellular resonance released stagnant energies, activating theta brain waves for profound rest. The room resonated with a harmony that transcended the physical, a testament to the transformative power of sound healing. I had another magical experience during this beautiful bath of sound. I saw myself underneath a calm, sparkling turquoise sea, majestic stingrays gracefully gliding above. I also experienced a feeling of swirling heat in my belly which continued the message of "fire in your belly". It was such a glorious experience and to me conveys a message of being exactly where I need to be.

Grounding and Closure: Woodland Walk and Closing Meditation

As the afternoon began to draw to a close, we went for a grounding woodland walk, observing the budding signs of spring finishing up with a visit to the Hot Well, a sacred site with its own captivating story. The day concluded with a short closing meditation, wrapping everyone in a final embrace of serenity and gratitude. We all floated out of the door, our spirits lifted, hearts open, and minds rejuvenated. The Imbolc Day retreat at Hotwell House Barn was not merely an event; it was a magical portal where seekers connected with the essence of Brigid, the rhythms of nature, and the infinite possibilities that spring holds.

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