Artistic Connections: Celebrating Creativity and Community Across Boundaries

Reflecting on a Day of Art and Relaxation in Edenderry

Saturday March 9th, was a day filled with creativity, connection, and relaxation at the Parish Centre in Edenderry, all thanks to Creative Places, Edenderry *.As part of their Arts and Relaxation Day, myself and four other facilitators had the pleasure of guiding participants through a variety of workshops designed to nourish the body, mind, and soul.

The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as attendees eagerly explored the five different art and relaxation techniques on offer. From Mindful Doodling with yours truly to Singing for Fun and Wellbeing with Danna, Yoga with Heni, Relaxation with Monika, and Group Singing with Liza, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Seonaid from Creative Places, Edenderry, deserves special recognition for organising such a fantastic event. Her meticulous planning ensured that everything ran smoothly, from the delicious lunch provided by Wild Plates to keeping a watchful eye on the clock so participants could make the most of each workshop.

One of the highlights of the day was witnessing the transformative power of creativity and relaxation. As participants immersed themselves in each workshop, they experienced moments of joy, peace, and connection. It was heartwarming to see individuals embrace new experiences, let go of stress, and cultivate a sense of wellbeing.

For me personally, leading the Mindful Doodling workshop was a true delight. It was inspiring to witness people tap into their creativity and express themselves freely through doodle art. As we explored different doodling techniques and allowed our pens to dance across the page, there was a tangible sense of mindfulness and serenity in the room.

As the day came to a close, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a meaningful event. It was a reminder of the power of art and relaxation to nurture our spirits, foster community, and bring a little more beauty into the world.

To Seonaid, Creative Places, Edenderry, and everyone who attended the Arts and Relaxation Day, thank you for creating space for creativity, connection, and joy.

*Creative Places Edenderry: Creative Lives supported by Arts Council Ireland, Offaly County Council and the Municipal District of Edenderry.


Celebrating Connections: A Recap of the MIB Conscious Connections 2024 Event

On the same day as the Arts and Relaxation Day in Edenderry, another remarkable event unfolded: the MIB Conscious Connections 2024 Event. This gathering served as a beacon of support for Hopeful Handbags Ireland and those affected by domestic abuse.

Aisling Owens Nash, the driving force behind this event, orchestrated more than just a fundraiser; it was a celebration of resilience and solidarity, thoughtfully aligned with International Women's Day. Aisling's dedication to this cause is truly inspiring, as she tirelessly champions women with boundless energy and unwavering support.

Despite the physical distance, I had the privilege of contributing to the event by sharing my Mindful Doodling technique through a pre-recorded video. Witnessing attendees engage with my doodling postcards and receiving messages of gratitude was deeply heartening.

The success of the day highlights the power of community, collaboration, and empathy. Together, we not only raised vital funds but also nurtured connections and spread joy.


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