Mindful Doodling Workshops: Inspiring Creativity at St Ciaran's N.S

Impromptu Doodling Delight

During a recent day subbing in St Ciaran's N.S in Castlejordan, I treated the third-class children to an impromptu doodling session that sparked their creativity. The students had the chance to indulge in the art of doodling, with an impromptu session at the end of the day. I drew a heart template and photocopied it for each child. The children then embarked on creating beautiful doodled hearts, each a unique Valentine's Day gift. The joy and enthusiasm radiated as the children produced vibrant pieces, capturing their imaginative spirit. You can see a video here of all of their creations.


A Creative Journey with Mindful Mats

Continuing the journey of creativity, on a different day, a second doodling session introduced an exciting addition to my mindful doodling offerings - Mindful Mats. I created an A3 page, adorned with doodle characters such as monsters, robots, hearts, and stars, to spark the children's imagination. Inspired by the captivating work of Joe Whale, known as the Doodle Boy, the students watched a video showcasing his artistry, igniting a wave of inspiration. With great excitement and enthusiasm, they immersed themselves in filling the mats with their own doodle characters and objects, resulting in an array of mesmerising creations. You can watch a video here.

Immersed in the Flow of Creativity

The Mindful Mats provided a platform for the children to explore their artistic talents and express themselves freely. The students delved deep into the creative flow, embracing the joy of doodling wholeheartedly. Their energy and enthusiasm was palpable as they brought their imaginations to life on paper. The sense of accomplishment and pride radiated from their faces as they admired their work, a true reflection of the transformative power of doodling.

Building Confidence and Beyond

Beyond the tangible artwork produced, the mindful doodling workshops at St Ciaran's N.S fostered a sense of confidence and empowerment among the children. Through the process of doodling, they learned to trust their instincts, embrace imperfections, and celebrate their unique creative voices. The workshops served as a catalyst for self-expression and personal growth, empowering the students to explore the depths of their imagination and unlock their full potential.


As I reflect on the mindful doodling workshops at St Ciaran's N.S, one thing is clear - the transformative power of art knows no bounds. Through creativity and self-expression, the children discovered a newfound sense of joy, confidence, and inspiration.

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