An example of using doodles in my artwork

Mindful Drawing: The Power of Doodling

My Doodling Journey

Most of us will have at some point or another found ourselves doodling, with little or no real attention to what we are creating in the boarders of a notebook. I often found I would naturally start to doodle as I listened to a lecture at University, it would aid my concentration and as the images often related to what I was listening to, it would aid my revision notes at a later date too.

Doodling can also be used as a way to calm an over-active mind, a way to switch off from the 'noise' that can sometimes overwhelm us. It's a wonderful way to get into a flow state.

My love of doodling has always been there but in 2020 I re-discovered the calming benefits of it again when I went through a traumatic event that turned my whole world upside down (coinciding with another event which affected all of us: the covid-19 pandemic)

I found myself in a routine of finding a positive affirmation to write out each morning and naturally, I wanted to illustrate it. Doodling simple circles or stars around the affirmation helped me to drown out the anxious thoughts in my head and bring about a sense of peace, while simultaneously allowing my mind to really absorb the powerful words I was doodling around. This was how my Instagram page, @thebarleymoon, was born.

example affirmation doodle
This is an example of one of the affirmations I doodled in the early days of my Instagram page

This period in my life reconnected me to my artistic talents and has set me on the path I walk today but it also made me realise, that even for those who may not consider themselves "artistic" per se, doodling is something anyone can do and it opens up artistic expression in a huge way.

What is Doodle Art?

Doodle art is a type of art that utilises simple drawings and doodles to create something interesting. It's a form of art that can be used to express yourself, express your emotions, and create something beautiful. Doodle art is often used in educational settings, as it can develop fine motor skills and problem-solving.

Doodles are often created using simple shapes, lines, and patterns. They can create abstract, surreal, and even 3-dimensional art. It’s an art form that doesn’t require a lot of supplies, all you need is a pen or pencil and a piece of paper. My personal experience of doodle art is that it allows you to switch off and become absorbed in the calm that drawing repetitive shapes can bring. It is a fantastic form of relaxation and meditation. 

Another way I use doodling is to use it when I am trying to learn something new and I need to make study notes. When I was in my final two years of school I learnt about a technique called Mind-Mapping and it was something that really worked for me as a visual learner. I used doodles to help make my notes more memorable by drawing images that would spark the memory of associated facts. This type of visual learning isn't going to be for everyone but it can be a good way to get the main points onto a page in a succinct way. This can then be used to support additional notes made in a more traditional format.

An example of using doodles in Mind-Map techniques

My Doodle Art Workshops

During the summer I was doodling a picture and it suddenly dawned on me that as this was something I could show others how to do, so they could learn the benefits of this calming practice for themselves. Before I knew it I had a whole range of Doodle Art Workshops planned in my mind! I am now offering Doodle Art to the local community, schools, corporate businesses and as a mindful activity for retreats or wellness events. I am starting a 6 week Workshop with Creative Places, Edenderry this week (Friday 6th of October) and I am so excited to get started, sharing this amazing mindfulness tool with others.

Doodle workshop poster
My Doodle Art Workshops start on 6/10/23

What my workshops offer:

Accessible Creativity: Doodle art is a form of creative expression that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age or artistic experience. My workshops open up the world of art to everyone.

Mindful Relaxation: I believe in the power of mindfulness and creativity to bring inner peace. My doodle art sessions are designed to help participants unwind, de-stress, and tap into their inner calm. 

Spiritual Connection: To explore the spiritual side of doodle art I incorporate meditation into my workshops. This sets the scene and allows participants to connect with their inner selves on a deeper level.

For Schools: Explore and enhance your students' creativity and mindfulness with engaging doodle art workshops. I am a trained Primary School Teacher and offer tailored programs that align with educational objectives while fostering a sense of serenity.

For the Community: Bring your community together in a unique and meaningful way. My workshops provide a platform for local people to connect, create, and find tranquility together.

For Yoga Retreats: Elevate your yoga retreat experience with an infusion of art and mindfulness. Doodle art complements yoga perfectly, providing participants with a holistic retreat experience. 

For Corporate Retreats: Corporate team-building workshops that blend creativity, mindfulness, and collaboration to boost productivity and well-being in the workplace.



Book a Doodle Art Workshop

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