A Magical Evening of Mindful Doodling and Solstice Celebration

A Mindful Solstice

On December 21st, a special event took place to celebrate the winter solstice. Hosted by Joanne Pasternak, the Mindful Solstice event offered a unique opportunity for attendees to engage in mindful activities and embrace the significance of this celestial event. I felt so honoured to host a mindful doodling workshop as part of this special event . This event was held in the magical Hotwell House Barn, Hotwell House, near Longwood, Enfield.

The Mindful Cup:

The evening commenced with a mindful cup of cacao or herbal tea, setting the tone for the introspective journey that awaited the participants. This simple act of sipping a warm beverage allowed everyone to ground themselves and prepare for the solstice celebration.

Introduction to the Winter Solstice:

Joanne Pasternak, the event host, took the stage to introduce the winter solstice and its profound importance. She shared insights into the significance of this celestial event, highlighting its connection to nature, renewal, and the cycles of life. Her words set the stage for a night of reflection and connection with the natural world.

Mindful Doodling:

I really enjoyed delivering my Mindful Doodle element to the evening. The workshop began with an explanation of mindful doodling and its positive impact on my life. I shared personal anecdotes and insights into how this creative practice can enhance mindfulness and well-being.

Doodle Pattern Examples:

To inspire the participants, I  showcased a few doodle pattern examples. These intricate designs demonstrated the beauty and versatility of mindful doodling. The patterns served as a starting point for the participants to explore their own creativity and express themselves through doodling.

Grounding Meditation:

Before diving into the doodling session, I led a 5-minute grounding meditation. This meditation allowed participants to centre themselves, quiet their minds, and fully immerse in the present moment. It created a calm and focused atmosphere, setting the stage for a meaningful doodling experience.

Doodling the Winter Solstice Mandala:

Using my specially designed winter solstice mandala, the participants embarked on an hour-long doodling session. As they doodled, gentle winter solstice-inspired music played in the background, creating a serene ambiance. The mandala provided a symbolic representation of the solstice, allowing participants to channel their creativity and intentions into their artwork.



Joanne's Immersive Sound Bath:

Following the mindful doodling session, Joanne Pasternak took the stage once again, offering a stunning and immersive sound bath experience. Using various instruments and techniques, Joanne created a soundscape that enveloped the participants, inducing a deep state of relaxation and tranquility. Her performance served as a perfect conclusion to the evening, leaving everyone in a state of bliss.



The Mindful Solstice event, with its mindful doodling workshop and immersive sound bath, provided attendees with a truly magical and transformative experience. The combination of creative expression, mindfulness, and solstice celebration created an atmosphere of connection, introspection, and inner peace. This event served as a reminder of the power of mindfulness and the beauty of embracing the natural rhythms of the world around us.

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