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Mindful Doodling Workshop - Community and Corporate Business

community and business doodle workshops for mindfulness in Ireland

Mindful doodling practice for
the Community and Corporate Businesses

Learn a mindfulness technique that participants can use as part of their own personal well-being practice

Workshop content:

  • Introduction to the benefits of a mindful practice and doodling.
  • Inspiration: participants doodle along with me as I demonstrate three doodles to inspire creativity.
  • Meditation: I take participants through a short, relaxing, guided meditation for creativity.
  • Mindful Doodling: Enjoying the gentle music and quiet atmosphere, participants doodle in the workbook provided. This practice can then be continued as part of a wellbeing routine.

Whether your team is working remotely or gathering in the office, I offer tailored online workshops that blend mindfulness with the joy of doodle art. From boosting team morale to fostering a sense of calm amidst deadlines, these workshops are designed to inspire and rejuvenate. Contact me for a workshop that is specifically tailored to your company’s needs.

These workshops are one and a half hours.

Workbooks are provided for participants to keep and continue to use beyond the workshop. I provide pens for participants to use.


Contact me to enquire about my Mindful Doodling Workshops
barley moon doodle mindful workshops
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