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Mindful Doodling Workshops

laura philips mindful doodling teacher, Ireland

Are you searching for a transformative and mindful experience for your school, community group, or yoga retreat?

Doodle art workshops offer a creative and mindful journey open to everyone.

Discover Inner Peace through Doodle Art Workshops.

What my workshops offer:

Accessible Creativity:

Doodle art is a form of creative expression that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age or artistic experience. My workshops open up the world of art to everyone.

Mindful Relaxation:

I believe in the power of mindfulness and creativity to bring inner peace. My doodle art sessions are designed to help participants unwind, de-stress, and tap into their inner calm.

Spiritual Connection:

To explore the spiritual side of doodle art I incorporate meditation into my workshops. This sets the scene and allows participants to connect with their inner selves on a deeper level.

Who are workshops for:


Explore and enhance your students' creativity and mindfulness with engaging doodle art workshops. I am a trained Primary School Teacher and offer tailored programs that align with educational objectives while fostering a sense of serenity.


Bring your community together in a unique and meaningful way. My workshops provide a platform for local people to connect, create, and find tranquility together.

Yoga Retreats

Elevate your yoga retreat experience with an infusion of art and mindfulness. Doodle art complements yoga perfectly, providing participants with a holistic retreat experience.

Corporate Retreats

Corporate team-building workshops that blend creativity, mindfulness, and collaboration to boost productivity and well-being in the workplace.

Online Workshops

You can also experience the magic of my Mindful Doodling workshops from the comfort of your own space. Whether your clients prefer to follow along at their own pace with a downloadable instructional video or engage in real-time interaction with a live Zoom call, I've got options to suit your style. Embark on a journey of creativity and tranquility as I guide your clients through the art of Mindful Doodling, helping them tap into their inner artist while finding a moment of peace in their day. My online workshop options are perfect for retreats, corporate businesses and schools.

barley moon doodle mindful workshops

Doodle Moon

Doodle Moon workshops are a perfect compliment to any Yoga or Well-Being Practitioner's offerings.

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Community and Corporate Businesses

Mindful doodling practice for the Community and Corporate Businesses

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Children’s Mindful Doodling

Mindful doodling workshop are in perfect alignment with the Wellbeing Policy Statement and Framework for Practice in Irish schools.

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Secondary School Mindful Doodling

Mindful doodle workshops supporting Junior Cycle Wellbeing Guidelines

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Mindful Doodling for Kid's Clubs & Parties

Children’s Mindful Doodling Workshop for Kid’s Clubs and Parties

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barley moon doodle mindful workshops
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barley moon doodle mindful workshops


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