My First Art Exhibition

From Fantasy to Reality

When I was a little girl, I had an obsession with Sylvanian Families, in fact, I had a whole village set up and I called it Oakwood. The village of Oakwood had a resident artist, she was one of my Sylvanian rabbits and she often held art exhibitions of her work in the village hall. When I played, I always used to identify with her; she acted out the future life I wanted to manifest (although I wasn't consciously aware of that at the time!) In reality however, when I got older, I slowly lost touch with my artist dreams, assuming that it was pointless pursuing them because I hadn't gone to "art school'. As you will know if you have read my earlier blogs, it took me a long time to find myself back on the path I always wanted to walk. I can happily announce that I am indeed walking that path now and I've finally realised the dreams I acted out with my little rabbit artist; I now have my very own art exhibition.


The Inspiration Behind the Art

The artwork in this exhibition is quite diverse but it reflects many aspects of myself, for example my love of the ocean is a strong influence on my art, as are my spiritual practices and interest in astrology. I also showcase art that is perfect for a child's bedroom or as a unique personalised new born gift, my years as a primary teacher have influenced the fun and bright style of those pieces.

Watch the video (taken from my instagram page @thebarleymoon) to see a little glimpse behind the scenes setting up.

Behind the Scenes

Sharing My Art Journey in Print and on Airwaves

I recently had the pleasure of chatting about my art exhibition in both the local newspaper and on the local community radio. It was such a fantastic experience to share my passion for art, spirituality, astrology, and the ocean with a wider audience. In my interview with Ciarán Brennan from Offaly Topic, I delved into the inspirations behind my artwork, and how I reconnected with being an artist. While on the radio, I had a great conversation with Philip Byrne on Eden Fm, about my journey and why the ocean inspires so much of my art.  The support and enthusiasm from the community has been truly heartwarming, and it has been such a wonderful experience to share my art in this way. Watch this space for future art exhibitions!


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