Hedgey and Badger Christmas Card

When a dream opportunity is presented to you, don’t pass it up!

I had always dreamed of becoming an illustrator, when I was 23 I even wrote and illustrated my own children’s book about a little hedgehog and his wise friend, Badger. I created Christmas cards with those characters and gave them to friends and family, including punters in the pub I was waitressing in at the time (The Freemasons Arms, Nosterfield, North Yorkshire)

One of the pub regulars had a daughter who worked for Hallmark cards, and if I recollect correctly, she was quite high up in the company. She had seen my card on his mantelpiece and asked about me. Seemingly she wanted me to submit my illustrations to be considered for Hallmark cards; an amazing opportunity! I however was so lacking in confidence, that I passed it up.

Fast forward to 2020 and after a massive upheaval in my life I found myself drawn back to my creativity. Lockdown allowed me time to start creating again and a huge flow of creativity was unleashed ! I suddenly realised how much more aligned I felt creating art and how happy and joyful it made me feel. I started an Instagram account of illustrated daily affirmations and  very soon afterwards, an Indie book publishing company called Book Hub Publishing started following me.

I had started creating my own draft of an oracle deck and I noticed they sold a deck by the late Hedi Messenger through their online shop. I decided that you can’t wait for opportunities to land on your doorstep (especially if you are aware you passed an opportunity up so many years previously!) so I messaged them with some images and asked them how I might go about being considered to have them published. Niall messaged me back and we ended up speaking on the phone, they liked my style!

The confidence even that gave me was incredible and so I made a vow I would one day publish my oracle cards through Book Hub (watch this space)

oracle card designs by The Barley Moon Ireland

It was in July 2021 that Niall and I finally met for coffee to chat about my oracle cards, while we were chatting he asked if I had ever illustrated images of food. This time I recognised the opportunity, I wasn’t going to pass this one up!

I said yes, that I certainly could do that.

He then asked me to create some trial images for an up and coming mindful eating journal. I couldn’t believe my luck! Finally, I was being given an opportunity to become what I’d always dreamed of becoming and I was ecstatic!

It wasn’t long after, that Niall also asked if I would create a book cover for another book and of course I said yes!

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