Children's Room Art by The Barley Moon

In 2013, one of my good friends gave birth to her first baby . I was teaching that day and I remember I was sitting at my desk working on some plans when I got her message to say her little baby girl had finally arrived . I immediately picked up a nearby pencil and piece of paper and I started sketching a picture of a little brown haired girl playing with a teddy on the floor of a play room . I added a blackboard and carefully wrote her name to look like it had been written with chalk . My friend and her husband, were delighted with the picture , which I presented to them when I finally got to meet their little girl . Fast forward a few years and my friend and her husband now live quite far away and two more little girls have joined their family. I had been meaning to draw pictures for their other little girls but I just never seemed to get to it . Recently that all changed, I picked up my iPad and apple pen this time around, and drew two more pictures, one for each sister . My friend and her girls absolutely love them, and her eldest girl still has her original hand-drawn version on her bedroom wall . I'm delighted to be adding these as an offering . These make a wonderful personalised gift for a newborn but also a lovely addition to a children's bedroom at any stage in childhood . I am currently only offering these as a digital drawing, but I will be adding hand-drawn options in the future . If you are interested in ordering one of these then just follow the steps below . Please put "children's art" as the subject line of your email when contacting me to order.

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