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My first big project: Eat With The Seasons

I will never forget the excitement of hearing from Niall that Cathy Fitzgibbon had chosen me to be the illustrator for her self-guidance mindful eating and gratitude journal. This book was a huge project as Cathy needed around 5 illustrations of food for each of the 4 seasons and also a cover design. It doesn’t sound like too much, but each illustration took me hours to complete because of the detail required to make them look realistic.

I really enjoyed creating all these pieces, here are a few of my favourites:

The Cabbage!

The only illustration that I had a huge stumbling block with was with a vegetable I never envisioned would be so hard for me to create! The Cabbage quite literally nearly killed me! I actively avoided cabbages for sometime afterwards I have to say! I think I had to re-draw and paint it about 4 times until it looked right!

book illustrations artwork cabbage

Book Cover Artwork

Cathy wrote the book to empower her readers with practical and meaningful ways to self-reflect and become more in tune with nature and the seasons when making food choices. It’s a fantastic journal full of exercises to help instill a greater sense of daily gratitude and joy from eating with the seasons.

Book Availability

Cathy’s book can be purchased via BookHub Publishing and in many bookstores all over Ireland . . .

Cathy can be found on Instagram @theculinarycelt

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